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The following paragraphs are not meant as an all-inclusive discussion of baby/child safety but will serve as an introduction.

You want to do everything possible to assure a safe environment for your baby. Beginning with the first car trip home from the hospital, you should always use an infant car set whenever you take the baby for rides. A baby can be seriously injured in a sudden stop if held in a passengerís arms rather than safely secured in an infant car seat.

There are many ways to assure your babyís safety at home. For example, never leave the baby alone on a table or other high place, even in an infant seat.

Babies are attracted to colorful and shiny objects. Keep small objects like buttons and pins away from the babyís reach so the she is not tempted to pick them up and swallow them. Also, remember that older siblings toys may contain parts that are not choke-proof.

Keep all medications and chemicals used in the house out of the reach of crawling and walking children.

Electrical outlets should be covered with protective plastic inserts and cords should be hidden as much as possible to prevent electrical shocks.

Other things to keep in mind are window safety, unstable furniture, houseplants that may be poisonous if eaten, ashtrays, stair safety, radiators, heaters, stoves, fireplaces, and scatter rugs, which may cause a toddler to fall. Baby walkers and "bouncy swings" should also be avoided because they are associated with a high incidence of accidents. Baby gate are helpful in keeping babies from falling down the stairs.


The number for the New Jersey Poison Control Center is 1-800-222-1222 .  The number for the Poison Control Center can also be found on the front of our New Born Baby Information booklet. Call the center immediately if you suspect that your child has ingested a poisonous substance. You can also contact them on the web at:



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